We are making the earth a part of the metaverse through F-NFTs

At metacitti, we are reducing the fiduciary entry barriers into real-estate purchase by pegging these assets to F-NFTs.



Metacitti is a project owned by AFEN blockchain group: we consummate transactions with the $afen token. We are reducing the cost of owning real estate for all income classes. Our argument is that we can lower the entry threshold so much so that even a lower-middle income earner could own a piece of the earth and the metaverse in one purchase.

Our Value Proposition


Low Entry Barrier

With stipends, now you can easily buy into real estate.


High Efficiency

A portion of a parcel of land can now be bought in minutes As opposed to the traditional method of real-estate purchase.


Land Speculator

You can now easily become a land speculator by purchasing and reselling at a higher price in future.


End-to-end encryption

With blockchain technology, each client is verified to eliminate any case of fraud to its barest minimum.


Ownership Fidelity

No two persons can own a portion of land and so you can be sure that your piece of land is safe from land grabbers.


  • We will focus on building Metacitti’s infrastructure. Releasing a white paper
  • We will commence discussions with our b2b partners.
  • Product Integration with partners
  • Partnership with governments
  • Floor plan unveiling and partnership announcements
  • More partnership and opening to the public (b2c) with aggressive guerilla marketing
  • More partnership and opening to the public (b2c) with aggressive guerilla marketing


Meet our Team



She is a seasoned banker with over 5 years of working experience in the Banking industry. Deborah has thrived in roles ranging from Business Development, Strategy & Innovation, Project Management, and Women Banking to culminate in a leadership role in Decentralized Technology.



Project Lead, Metacitti

He is an experienced co-founder in the real and fintech sector. He has managed construction projects worth over $1.5m. Israel includes agile methodologies in managing and scaling projects. He has about 5 years worth of experience in the aforementioned sectors whilst running business development retreats for startups.



CTO, Metacitti

A Solidity developer, published author and contributor to the blockchain ecosystem. Previously cofounded and grew a fintech startup to 20,000 users and $500,000 in transaction volumes. His most recent achievement was integrating Chainlink Oracle Off Chain reporting on other EVM compatible chains. like as Moonbeam and Celo with a team of engineers.



Frequently asked questions

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What currency do we use in Purchasing Lands?

We use the native $afen token to consummate transaction on Metacitti. However, you can buy the $afen token with any currency.

Are you in partnership with any government?

No, but we are leveraging relationships with government parastatals of the host country where the land is to be purchased. This is so because we need to ensure that every parcel of land is duely verified to be owned by the seller and thus; the need to access their land survey database.

What is the essence of a smart contract

A smart contract simply put, is a "certificate of ownership". In this use case, it will contain technical information about the land to be purchased including (geographical co-ordinates), name of the previous seller(s) as well as other important information.

Does Metacitti also sell virtual land?

Yes, we know that people would like to buy into the metaverse and not want to necessarily own real-estate.